Top Online Marketing SEO Trends of 2019

Online marketing is an ever-changing landscape and keeping up with the latest trends is vital to your success. Google’s search engine continues to become more sophisticated in order to give its users the best experience, and you need to know what it’s looking for. The major players in the digital marketing world are SEO, social medial, PPC, and content marketing. You need to know how to use them all in order to be competitive in this high-tech world. SEO is especially important to keep up with because Google is always changing the rules. Here are some of the top SEO trends that will help your business today!

  • Brand Importance – Google’s search algorithm uses brand mentions as a way to rank your site. Backlinks are a great way to build brand recognition, but it can take time if you want to do it right. Linkless backlinks are also a great way to get your brand name out there for Google to recognize it as an entity. Another factor that helps Google learn about your brand is the context in which the brand is mentioned. Another way to get your brand out there is through influencers related to your business’s niche.
  • Mobile Ready – With a majority of American using their mobile devices to conduct searches and purchase products and services, it’s only natural that Google moves to mobile first indexing. This means is that Google looks at the mobile version of your site for SEO and content first when it comes to ranking. This doesn’t mean that the desktop version is not important, it’s just not as important as it used to be. Online marketing is ever evolving and right now mobile content is key.
  • Speed – Speed has always been a big deal for Google. The faster your page loads, the happier the user and the better you get ranked. However, Google is now paying special attention to mobile speed as well. Is your site optimized to rapidly load on mobile devices? You can check its performance on Chrome User Experience and use that information to make improvements.
  • Search Intent – Although keywords are still effective, the quality of the text is much more important. For a better user experience, Google will focus on the intent of the search rather than just specific keywords. This means that the content that your site features should be well-researched and informative. It should also provide the audience the information they were searching for. An SEO expert should be able to not only provide the right information, but they should also explain how their product or service can help.

Online marketing is an excellent way to grow your business and gain brand awareness, if you know how to do it correctly. The highly experienced team at High Level Studios LLC has helped businesses of all sizes in the Boca Raton, St. Louis area. High Level Studios has delivered quality work all over the country with amazing website designs and aggressive digital marketing campaigns. We can use the latest trends to keep you ahead of the game!

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