Mobile Web Design

The number of people who access the world wide web from their mobile phones is already well past 3 billion, and every day more and more users are joining the fray and accessing websites from their phones and tablets. Therefore, if you want your products or services to find traction online, mobile web design must become a priority in your digital design and marketing strategy.

Thankfully, some well-defined precepts can help you put mobile web design at the forefront of your digital strategy and implementation.

Define the Needs of Your Mobile Web Design And Identify Your Users

Generally speaking, a mobile web design overhaul is necessary whether a new website is being built, or an existing website is being redesigned to include a mobile component.

Mobile Web Design
Mobile Web Design

Each of these circumstances has different requirements that will help you determine the strategy to follow. Consider the following points:

Identify the objectives of your business. Give priority to these objectives and communicate them in your mobile web design, focusing on achieving these objectives.

Consider all user statistics. For your mobile web design to succeed, you should turn on google analytics statistics or other software tracking indicators. Analyze from which devices and browsers users access your website and build your mobile web design by supporting these devices.

Implement Responsive Web Design

Optimize your mobile web design so that it can be browsed from desktop and mobile devices, with different screen resolutions and compatible browsers. Use the latest web plugins such as HTML5, CSS3, and web sources, to ensure that your mobile web design can adapt to any device.

Think in Columns

Designing your site to be mobile compatible means making use of columns. Not only do columns help you manage the limited screen real estate that is so emblematic of mobile screens, but it also helps you to scale more easily between different device resolutions and move the elements from portrait to landscape mode with ease.

Hierarchy of Design

Organize all the elements of your mobile page in a simple and digestible way, creating folding navigation. In other words, stack the larger blocks of content in collapsible modules, so that the user can open the information that interests them with a single touch, leaving the rest hidden.

Mobile Web Design
Mobile Web Design
Forget About Clicks

One of the pillars of web design is the “click.” In fact, there are rules of web design that dictate how many clicks it should take the user to find a desired piece of information. However, in mobile websites, interactions are not based on the click. Consequently, mobile devices rely on an entirely different design dynamic than conventional websites.

Therefore, identify all the items where “clickable” actions exist on your website and adapt them when implementing them on the mobile page.

Test Everything, Then Test Again

As with any project, test your mobile design on as many devices as possible. Install your development SDK for the platform (such as the iPhone SDK and Android SDK) and use web-based emulators for time-efficient and cost-effective testing.

Even though mobile web design is based on the same principles as standard website design, there are a number of details that are fundamentally different. If you lack the experience or time to implement an effective mobile design, High-Level Studios LLC in Boca Raton, can guide you on the journey to making your user experience mobile-friendly.