The advertisement service known as Google Ads offers one of the fastest methods of improving your company’s visibility on the world wide web. However, if not managed properly, a Google Ads campaign can become a surefire way to waste your hard-earned money.


Therefore, optimizing your Google Ads campaigns becomes a fundamental task that you should prioritize if you want to increase your company’s sales, profit, and brand recognition.


Here at High-Level Studios in Boca Raton, leaders in Website Design and Digital Marketing, we understand the importance of maximizing ad spend in Google Ads, so here are our top recommendations.


Organize and Segment Your Ad Groups


If you fail to properly organize and segment your ad campaigns and ad groups well, you will miss the opportunity to maximize control and ROI. Therefore, it becomes fundamental to segment your ad campaigns as much as you possibly can, when applicable.


For example, segmentation by geographic location is very important to maximize your ad spending. If you try to cover as much geographic real estate with a single, overarching ad campaign, you may end up wasting money.


Ask yourself what kind of business you have and plan accordingly. If you have a small local business, it only makes sense to restrict your ads to a nearby area of actionable influence. However, if you have a large business with international capacity, you can justify a wider ad coverage.


Add Extensions to Your Ads


Extensions are often overlooked.


Don’t underestimate the power of ad extensions because if you do, it will be to the detriment of the effectiveness of your ad campaign.


Search-oriented text ads should include 2 to 3 extensions. They have no added cost and increase the visibility of the ad, as well as its overall quality.


Here at High-Level Studios, we love the following ad extensions:


The call extension, so you can include a phone number.


The location extension, to add an extra line to your ad and show your mailing address.


The site link extension, to include extra links to the ad that redirect to relevant content on your website.


Achieve A High CTR


Remember that the price you pay for each of your ads is affected by a number of variables. And while you simply cannot control all of them, there are two very important variables that fall entirely within your purview.


The first of these variables is the level of ad quality. Ad quality refers to the suitability of the ad, the quality of the keywords, and the quality of the landing page you have set up on your website. Make sure that you spend considerable time ensuring that the level of ad quality is on par with your investment; otherwise, you run the risk of wasting ad potential.


The second, and no less important, variable is a metric called Click-Through Rate or CTR for short. CTR describes the total ratio of users who actively click on your ads after having been exposed to your campaign. Therefore, the higher the quality of your ad campaign, the higher your CTR will be, and Google rewards a high CTR with a lower cost per click.


High-Level Studios in Boca Raton can help you maximize your Google Ads spending by ensuring these techniques, and many more, are professionally implemented. We are, after all, industry leaders in website design, SEO optimization, and everything else related to Digital Marketing.