Product options play a crucial role. offers a fantastic range of customizable features that have transformed my website into a user-friendly and engaging platform. From color swatches to dropdown menus, their options are top-notch.

Their intuitive interface makes it easy to set up and manage different product variations effortlessly. The flexibility and versatility of these options have truly elevated the shopping experience on my website. Scroll down for reviews of our top picks!

1. Customizable Product Tables

Creating and customizing product tables on your website is made effortless with the product table plugin from You can now present your digital products data on your website in a well-organized manner, enhancing user experience and increasing engagement. Here’s why this feature stands out:

  • Flexibility: Easily add or remove columns, adjust colors, and customize the design of your product tables to align with your brand identity.

  • Clear Display: Present multiple products on a single page without cluttering it; each item is neatly arranged within the table layout for easy browsing on the website.

  • Enhanced Upselling: By showcasing related products or offering quantity boxes directly in the table, you can effectively upsell to customers and encourage them to explore more options.

2. WooCommerce Integration

Barn2’s product options seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce, simplifying product management for your online store. This integration ensures that all variations and options are automatically synced with your WooCommerce products, saving you time and effort in updating them manually.

Customers visiting your site can easily select different product options directly from the main shop or individual product pages. This user-friendly experience enhances customers’ shopping journey, leading to increased sales and a smoother checkout process.

By integrating Barn2’s product options with WooCommerce, you can create a more interactive shopping experience for your customers. The ability to choose various configurations or add-ons directly from the product page encourages upsells and boosts overall sales on your website.

This seamless integration streamlines the entire shopping process by allowing people to make quick decisions without navigating through multiple pages. With easy access to different options right on the main shop page, visitors are more likely to explore additional products and complete their purchase efficiently.

Enhance your WordPress website’s functionality by leveraging this powerful combination of Barn2’s versatile product options plugin and WooCommerce integration.


You’ve now seen how customizable product tables and seamless WooCommerce integration can revolutionize your online store. By using Barn2’s product options, you can provide your customers with a user-friendly experience that boosts sales and satisfaction. Take the leap and upgrade your site today to witness the difference it makes firsthand.

Don’t hesitate – give your site the edge it deserves with Barn2’s product options. Your customers will thank you, and your business will thrive. Elevate your online store to new heights by implementing these features and things now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can customizable product tables benefit my site?

Customizable product tables allow you to showcase your products in an organized and visually appealing way. They enhance user experience, improve navigation, and increase the likelihood of conversions by providing all necessary information at a glance.

Is WooCommerce integration essential for e-commerce websites?

Yes, WooCommerce integration is crucial for e-commerce websites as it provides a seamless platform to manage products, payments, orders, and shipping. It offers flexibility in customization and enhances the overall shopping experience for customers on your site.

Can I customize the design of product tables with’s options, woocommerce pages, and multiple products?

Absolutely! With’s product options, you can easily customize the design of your product tables to match your brand identity. You have full control over colors, fonts, layouts, and other visual elements to create a unique and engaging shopping experience for visitors.

Will using customizable product tables on my woocommerce pages improve my website’s SEO performance?

Indeed! Customizable product tables contribute positively to SEO by improving user engagement and reducing bounce rates. When visitors find relevant information quickly through well-organized tables, search engines recognize this positive user experience which can boost your site’s ranking in search results.