Kathi Elgin – Why should I learn NodeJS?

NodeJS is everywhere now and making a climb to the top with things like NPM and Express. However, one of the best things about NodeJS is that it can handle thousands of simultaneous requests based on its event driven output method. Express can be categorized as an application server for Node.js and if set on a good serverless location it can handle mass amounts of traffic. Therefore, it alone is great for mobile app development.  NPM is an amazing repository of code for developers. There you will find several thousand scripts that developers have written and made open source for you to use.

Both Express and NPM focus on the ability to use already written code in a repository to save time which in turn save money for your project and in turn your company. Node.js is clearly in demand and is the most used new software by startups over the last few years. Even if you are using Python you may find that your project will render faster and have more flexibility if you incorporate some code from NodeJS. Node is a client and server-side programming language allowing you great flexibility and will compile much easier and produce cleaner code.

JavaScript was always a front-end developer language until we were able to create the server-side applications that allow for back end programming with JavaScript. Now individuals who have been front end developers can easily get into some back-end development since they will understand much of the code. That in turn helps them to become a full stack developer. You can create an entire application in NodeJS without the need for PHP or Python for example. If you are a front-end developer that has always understood HTML and CSS and JavaScript now you may be able to learn enough to not need the back-end developer. NodeJS is can easily deploy without the need for a PHP or Python developer to create the back-end connections.

Not only is Node awesome because of its back-end abilities but you can still choose your framework and that’s important. We have always had web sockets that I describe as “a phone call that never hangs up” but now with NodeJS we have the ability to do push data with this code as well making NodeJS something that all developers should learn. Node should be a tool in our toolbox as it is becoming a requirement for many companies and their programmers to know this architecture. Tom Shawver a long-time developer was quoted saying “A single application can handle thousands of simultaneous connections, regardless of how long they last,”. We know this is true because NodeJS uses a single application thread.

NodeJS has a strong community of developers as well and they push out some pretty amazing Apps that are extremely scalable. Having a large community for support is what pushes me over the edge to tell everyone they should learn NodeJS if they don’t already. If you know JavaScript, you will pick this up very quickly even the backend programming. If you are coming from PHP or Python you will have a bit of a learning curve, but you can quote me now saying It is possible that PHP is a language of the past and JavaScript is at the moment the most flexible programming language of the future.

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