Kathi Elgin – The Internet of Things Is Weak on Defense

The Internet of Things (or IoT) is the interconnected world of your non-computer, tablet, phone devices.  Do you have an Internet-connected speaker?  What if you bought a refrigerator that tells you when your milk expires?  A meat thermometer that sends temperatures to your phone?  Congrats, you are part of the Internet of Things.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always a good thing.  Because these are devices that need to work out of the box for people who may not be “tech-savvy”, there is often lax security and leftover code from the development of the devices that can endanger your setup and allow thieves or other scumbags to access your network and devices throughout your life.

Why The IoT Is Weak on Defense

  • Unlike a phone or a laptop, security is all the way at the back end of development on these devices for a couple of reasons.  First, it slows down production.  If you are working on a new product, the faster it comes to market, the better.  The other reason is that people don’t care about it.  They are already handing out personal information to Facebook and Twitter, they are not overly concerned about device security, unfortunately.
  • The network segmentation in many devices should be created properly.  This can allow an attacker unfettered access to your wi-fi network and by extension, the rest of your devices, computers, laptops and phones.
  • Unneeded functionality that hasn’t been removed can be a huge backdoor for hackers.  It’s often code that hasn’t been updated and has huge security holes that haven’t been patched, making your devices vulnerable.
  • Plug and go is great, but it leaves default passwords and logins.  A hacker can get into some devices with user/password, and that’s just unacceptable, guys.

Why Is This Important?

While we are pushing every day to add more devices that do more things and make our lives easier, it makes a lot of sense to start paying attention to why we need these things, and whether or not the trade-off for the convenience is worth the risk to our personal information and our lives.

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