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What You Need to Know Now About Paid Searches vs. Organic Searches In 2019


 What You Need to Know Now About Paid Searches vs. Organic Searches In 2019

Many people are confused by internet marketing because they don't understand Organic/Natural Search in contrast to a Paid search. Eighty percent of people who search the web are using an organic search. Below is an illustration of the difference between organic and paid links.

One of the first things I recommend that people do is register with the DMOZ and The Google Local Business Center. The Google Local Business center is a hidden gem. This will help you come up in personal digital assistant devices such as mobile telephones and Google Map results, but moreover in the mapped results at the top of Google search engine result pages. As a business, whether regional, local or national, this will help you come up on the first page. Your business may be up top where there are map results. When people click on that, it does not cost you a penny! This listing is organic by nature and is not a sponsored result, but will help people locate your business significantly better if searching local.

Many times I hear webmasters say things like, "Google does not even look at meta tags, so don't worry about it." These people are forgetting that Yahoo and MSN use Metatags. You should use your Metatags to solidify your content by having the same thing on your homepage as your Metatags. I have personally seen good results from making changes to meta information in Google. Last week, I fixed a Word Press site that had no meta information or tags at all. That would be laziness or lack of information on part of the design company. When building a site at High Level Studios LLC., St. Louis, MO, I personally ensure that the client does not come back with another web designer asking questions. One may be: why I did not do basic things like make sure the title and description have basic searchable information. I just got another website last week from a large corporate company that had no readable text on the homepage except their current company news. This news would never carry the keywords and information that we want to drive sales and traffic from the website. We need solid keywords, a title, and a description.

If your website company or designer does not ask for this information, they are not doing Search Engine Optimization for your website.

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15 July 2019
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