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Web Marketing Has Changed, How to Ensure You Get an R.O.I. on Your Digital Marketing


 Web Marketing Has Changed, How to Ensure You Get An R.O.I. on Your Digital Marketing

Gathering a return on an investment is important to any business. This is often referred to as R.O.I., or Return on Investment. In search engine optimization, there are two types of techniques: "white hat" and "black hat". In "white hat" search engine optimization, good techniques are used to gain more quality inbound links and traffic without an attempt to deceive the search engines. Many times people will sign up with a program or website that offers astonishing results. Anything said similar to "We will get you on the first page of Google," is generally not true if they are speaking in organic search terms. Anyone can be anywhere in paid results. It's just having the most money to bid. But, we now know that over eighty percent of the market does not click on sponsored links in Google or Yahoo. Therefore, a focus on organic search is not only cost effective (generally free), but has eighty percent of the traffic anyway.

Be sure you own your domain name, and not your designer, because as you put time and money into your

website and promoting the domain you need to be sure you own it. A ten dollar domain name and its registrants have full control of a web address and what happens on or to it. If you let someone else buy your domain name for you, get it transferred to your name immediately. I have been in several situations where we were forced to pay thousands of dollars to prior web companies who registered domain names for customers. This is a wide practice by many web design companies and freelancers. I do not believe this is a good practice, and I would make all customers buy their own domain name. It seems as if sometimes people are confused as to why I do this, but I am actually looking out for their best interest in making sure I do things properly so my client will own the rights to their investment.

The Yahoo Keyword Selector and Bid Tool will allow you to see what people are paying for specific keywords in the sponsored links sections of search engines. Again, this is in the sponsored links section. You would have to set a budget and bid on these words and then pay per click. These words can get expensive. I bid over fourteen dollars for one click with a campaign I am running now. I have bid up to twenty one dollars per click, which adds up quickly depending on your product and the market.

When you begin to compare that cost to organic marketing cost, you can now afford man-hours to put in the work of submitting to blogs, Yahoo and Google. The "Google Ad Words" keyword tool is set up in the same way. You can see what people are paying for specific placement. This can be effective, but is not always cost- effective (as previously explained). I recently have noticed a much better marketing effect to young people through social media sites with ad programs. The example is "Facebook" advertising. Though "Facebook" has great ad programs, we still want to keep our focus on free marketing for the purposes of attacking over 80 percent of the market.

Personally, when I go to buy something online, which is very frequently, the first thing I do is read about the product. The best way to read about the product is not on the website of the product vendor, but reviews in the review sections of places like "Amazon". Many times when we read these reviews, we can almost tell when the product vendor has written a review for himself. It is necessary then to weed out that one, and the couple of disgruntled customer reviews, and we can focus on the rest that give good quality information about a product. Many companies are realizing the worth of product and service reviews, which will eventually create better products. This is a result of more feedback to the manufacturer. This is equally important to us as web marketers. Ensuring that our clients write good reviews about our products is paramount to successful online sales. This also generates good SEO if the post links back to your websites product pages or forum.

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Tuesday, 16 July 2019
15 July 2019
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