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Know These Top 2019 Interactive Marketing Strategies Now


Know These Top 2019 Interactive Marketing Strategies NOW

“Facebook”, “Instagram”, “LinkedIn” and “Twitter” are just a few of the growing social networks on the internet. The internet is the connection we use to gain access to the world wide web. Its resources are abundant. For instance, people using “Twitter” find one another because they’re like-minded, or they follow someone based on good content. If you are interested in snowboarding, you can find other people that are interested in snowboarding. Then, their posts will keep you up to date with the snowboarding community.

If you are someone who designs custom snow- boards and you are on the web to sell snowboards and to talk about things you enjoy, including snowboard tips and tricks or news or maybe a competition coming up nearby, people take pleasure in this type of infor- mation. They enjoy reading that information and then below that blog message they see your name and that you sell custom snowboards. You already know the people you follow are interested in snowboarding, so now you may directly market to thousands of people on your Twitter account that you know are interested in a similar product. Marketing in this way is a great tool and can be free. They also trust more in your product because your information has directly helped them in the past. They automatically think of the you next time they go to purchase a snowboard.

“Facebook”, on the other hand, will not index all your profile information. This may not help a lot with search engine results. It does, however, allow you to create an interactive environment to sell a product. You never want to appear like you are selling something. The product must always be in addition to the cause itself. For example, if you love snowboarding you can post a video of cool jumps and tricks with your company name and logo on the video, as well as links to your site. Now you have people watching the snowboarding video, but looking at “Custom boards built by”. This is truly effective marketing, gaining actual interest of your lead. Now that they have seen your videos on “YouTube”, they will compare prices of your snow boards vs. the competitor snowboards the next time they purchase a snowboard. This is where you want to be in the mind of a potential customer.

Social networking websites are great for lead generation. At times, someone’s biggest mistake in interactive marketing is not taking time. If you create

quality posts or content on blogs about your product with information, you are attacking that eighty percent of the market we were talking about. Everything suggested is organic or natural in search results. Social media sites are generally free and have a ton of traffic that you have direct contact to. This is more effective than traditional marketing, because over a phone you cannot show people things and in print you do not have the interactive element present. It is better than television for lead conversion because it is interactive and has all 3 aspects: video, text and even reviews or testimonials.

Regarding “Facebook”, they do have another option to market with them, which is a good marketing campaign. This is not only because they are cheaper than Google Adwords at the moment, but they have information that users submit as their preferences. If you want to market to “Male men 18-24 in the St. Louis area” about a car show coming up, “Facebook” is one of the unique sites that can actually say, “We will only show your ad to Male men in the St. Louis area between 18-24 years of age”. At this point, with any advertising campaign, we would set a budget and then bid on those keywords. You may say that your budget is $200 a month, and then we would then plug in our words and it would show them until we ran out of money. Then you would need to see if it is worth it to you or your company. This judgment is based on your R.O.I.

Whether you are posting news releases or social bookmarking your content, interactive marketing has many outlets. A viral video is a video that is passed around and distributed by people based upon its content. An example of this may be a Tiger Woods commercial that is funny. People pass it around for others to watch by putting a link to the video in email. As they watch the video with Tiger Woods, they are really being marketed to by Nike for a new line of shoes. Below I have listed a number of interactive content and media-based sites. It is representative of the type of list you would want to generate in order to deploy free- linking and/or viral video campaigns.

 If you have good content that is in the form of a press release and have a small budget, I would recommend using “Prweb” or “PrNewswire”. These are companies that specialize in Press Release distribution services. If your article is well written and explains something interesting, this is a great option that I have seen a lot of success with. Make sure that with any press release company you select, it contains search engine friendly links.



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