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  What You Need to Know Now About Paid Searches vs. Organic Searches In 2019 Many people are confused by internet marketing because they don't understand Organic/Natural Search in contrast to a Paid search. Eighty percent of people who search the web are using an organic search. Below is an illustration of the difference between organic and pa...
Here is that big recap where I go over the past month of changes related to Google search and webmaster topics and sum up the more important bits. This month we had the June 2019 core update and the diversity update roll out earlier this month. We had Google say they probably will pre-announce these updates in the future. Google will change how the
Google has launched what they are calling place topics. Place topics use data based on reviews to provide concise information on what customers highlight about your business. In short, it summarizes the reviews left by your customers into tags. Here is a screen shot of what it looks like in the top of the reviews section, this screen shot is from J
Some folks when they login to their Google My Business account and click on a business to manage will see a more visual and image friendly interface. I am not seeing it myself but I am seeing numerous reports of the new design. Here is a screen shot from Andy Simpson at the Local Search Forums - you can click on it to enlarge: Frank Sandtmann also
Martin Splitt had a chat with his colleague at Google Dion Almaer the Director of Web Development Ecosystem about SEO and the future of the web. It was an interesting high level chat that talked about PWA/desktop site/AMP, tools, web components and virtual scroller compatible and assistant devices. Oh and we finally found out that it is iced tea in
Google's John Mueller hinted this morning that no additional legacy Google Search Console features will be turned off. He said "If we thought it wasn't important, we would have turned it off already." That kind of implies that the remaining features that are in the old Search Console will some how, in some way, be migrated to the new Search Console
Posted by BenjaminEstes After you've put in the work with technical SEO and made your discoveries, there's one thing left to do: present your findings to the client and agree on next steps. And like many things in our industry, that's easier said than done. In this week's episode of Whiteboard Friday, Benjamin Estes from Distilled presents his fram
  What You Have to Know in 2019 to Identify Your Target Market Online One of the most difficult, and most important, aspects of marketing is learning about your audience. Once you complete a site you always want to use statistics tools like "Google Analytics" or "Awstats" to be sure you understand the trends of the people visiting your site. F...
The Top 3 Things You Need to Understand NOW About Search Engines Search engines are very complex at the root, but very rudimentary by nature. On March 13, 2009, the World Wide Web celebrated only 20 young years of existence, so it is considered to be a relatively new field. Search engines are designed using complex algorith...
Posted by Lindsay_Halsey A few years ago, while enjoying a day of skiing at Aspen Highlands with a group of girlfriends, a skier crashed into me from above, out of nowhere. He was a professional skier traveling at an exceptionally fast speed, and I felt lucky to get away with a mere leg injury. I couldn’t put weight on my leg, though, so I went to
Google posted this morning that they are going to stop unofficially supporting the noindex, nofollow and crawl-delay directives within robots.txt files. Google has been saying not to do this this for years actually and hinted this was coming really soon and now it is here. Google wrote "While open-sourcing our parser library, we analyzed the usage
Google is testing, I believe, another image search design, this time with making the image preview box a sticky box on the right side panel. Google has been testing many variations of these image preview boxes in search for some time but this one is bolder because it sticks. This GIF of it in action was shared to me by SEOwner on Twitter , he said
With Google aiming to make the robots.txt exclusion protocol a standard , they proposed some changes and submitted them the other day. Now, Google updated their own developer docs around the robots.txt specification to match. Here is a list of what has changed . Removed the "Requirements Language" section in this document because the language is In
Google announced yesterday as part of its efforts to standardizing the robots exclusion protocol that it is open sourcing its robots.txt parser. That means how GoogleBot reads and listens to robots.txt files will be available for any crawler or coder to look at or use. It is rare for Google to share anything they do in core search with the open sou
Go to and search for [ fireworks ] on desktop or mobile and you will see Google light up the search results page with a fireworks display. Here is a video of it in action: Thanks to Epic Fireworks for the hat tip on Twitter about this. Here is a GIF of it in action also: Forum discussion at Twitter .
Posted by AnnSmarty Link building remains one of the most effective digital marketing tactics, and not just for higher rankings (even though links do still remain the major organic ranking factor ). Links drive referral clicks, and generate leads, making your site less dependent on search and advertising traffic. But how do you build links these da
Yesterday we announced that we're open-sourcing Google's production robots.txt parser . It was an exciting moment that paves the road for potential Search open sourcing projects in the future! Feedback is helpful, and we're eagerly collecting questions from developers and webmasters alike. One question stood out, which we'll address in this post: W
Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web. Search Engine Roundtable Stories: Will Google Crack Down On Sites Leasing Out Its Subdomains Google's John Mueller addressed the topic of sites leasing or renting out subdomains off of their main domain a
23 August 2019
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5 PPC Tips to Improve Your Google AdWords CampaignCreating an effective PPC campaign can be the best thing you do for your business. Google AdWords has made it easy to use and understand, but that also means that you are going to have a lot of compet...



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