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Google: Both Old Or New Domains Do Not Benefit You In Google

Google's John Mueller had to come on Twitter and once again dispel the myth that the age of a domain name does not matter in terms of Google's ranking algorithms. New or old domains can rank well and it doesn't help your site rank to register your domain name for a longer period of time.

First, John said that domain name age does not help with SEO:

No, domain age helps nothing.

'" ð John ð (@JohnMu) July 5, 2019

Then he said it is also wrong to say that new domain names have a benefit:

No, that's not true.

'" ð John ð (@JohnMu) July 5, 2019

Like I said above, the myth about domain name age is not new in the SEO field. We covered it numerous times, in 2018, 2017, 2016, we've covered Google saying that they do not use domain registration length as a ranking factor before but it was back in 2009. We even discussed this topic a few times in the past and each time, we discussed it it came back up. In fact it didn't stop domain registrars from using this as a marketing tactic. So here is our 2019 version of the same story.

Oh and then the whole 301 redirect dilution topic we covered a numerous times:

We forward the signals with redirects, so there wouldn't be any 301 dilution. I don't see how age alone could be a good signal -- content doesn't get better automatically just because it's old.

'" ð John ð (@JohnMu) July 5, 2019

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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Tuesday, 16 July 2019
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