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Hacker Drains Amazon Customer Account and Then Calls Her

Hacker Drains Amazon Customer Account and Then Calls Her

A woman's account had been hacked and her gift card credit was stolen.  When she tries to stop the purchases, the jackass hacker actually has the gall to email her that it is a robbery, she should let it happen and Amazon will reimburse her.  She fought back and stopped the thief.  Amazon refunded her full balance and stopped the theft.

ABC has a great point in their story.  2-Factor authorization isn't foolproof, but taking the extra time to have Amazon text your phone on a sign-in can make all of the difference.  I always tell anyone - use 2-Factor authorization for any account that offers it.  Amazon, Gmail, and PayPal are all services that offer this exta step of security.


ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos

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Russian Hackers Believed to Have Breached Clinton Foundation Computers

Russian Hackers Believed to Have Breached Clinton Foundation Computers

Clinton Foundation Breached by Russian Hackers, Cyber Experts Assert 1:04

Russian hackers are believed to have breached the computers of the Clinton Foundation — and appear to be the same cyber spies who swiped confidential files from the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton campaigns, officials familiar with the investigation told NBC News.

Three private security firms have concluded the hackers are Russian, and some security experts say Russian intelligence could be behind the attacks and want to interfere in the U.S. presidential election.

Related: 'Lone Hacker' Claims Responsibility for Cyber Attack on Democrats

So what could be the hackers' end game?

The Democratic National Committee said the operation was part of a Russian disinformation campaign. But some U.S. officials believe the goal is something more menacing: espionage.

A spokesman for the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation — the charity founded by the former president that supports humanitarian causes — said it has not been notified of any cyber attack.

Notorious hacker 'Guccifer' expected to plead guilty 2:01

Bloomberg first reported Tuesday that the Clinton Foundation had been penetrated, citing three people familiar with the matter.

A hacker using the moniker "Guccifer 2.0" also released a new trove of documents Tuesday apparently taken from the DNC during a hack last week. Crowdstrike, the firm brought in by the Democrats to deal with the hack, was one of the firms attributing it to Russian intelligence agencies, which Russia denied.

"The attackers used advanced intrusion techniques to avoid detection and discovery. They were looking for information on policy, political campaigns and strategies, foreign policy plans," Crowdstrike said in a statement.

"There has never before been a direct intervention in American politics by a foreign power that was this bold and went to these lengths."

This latest document dump, which comes after Gufficer 2.0 took responsibility for the DNC breach, included an internal assessment of issues over which the DNC thought Clinton was likely to be attacked on.

A Clinton campaign official told NBC News that it still has no evidence that its computers were specifically violated.

"However, what appears evident, is that Russian interests are trying to influence the outcome of the election," the official said.

Cyber experts told NBC News they believe Guccifer 2.0 is a Russian front, and also said the leaks show that Russia is seeking to influence the U.S. presidential campaign, perhaps with an eye toward helping Donald Trump.

Related: Hacker 'Guccifer': I Got Inside Hillary Clinton's Server

"There has never before been a direct intervention in American politics by a foreign power that was this bold and went to these lengths," said Scott Borg, director of the U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit, an independent nonprofit that assesses the impact of cyber attacks.

But three U.S. officials told NBC News that the U.S. intelligence community hasn't determined that Russia is engaging in a wholesale attempt to interfere with the American election.

The cyber attack against the Clinton Foundation comes after Guccifer, a Romanian hacker who first exposed Clinton's private email address, said in May that he also gained access to the former Secretary of State's "completely unsecured" server. The hacker, Marcel Lehel Lazar, pleaded guilty in a U.S. court to related charges that same month.

It's not clear whether those Guccifer-related leaks were orchestrated by Russian intelligence agencies as a way of specifically inflicting damage on the Clinton campaign, the U.S. officials said.

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Lets look at website security 2016!!!

Let's take a look at the things you should be concerned about that are directly related to your site's security.

Your site's reputation

1. Reputation:
Your site could take a big reputation hit if users see a defaced web page instead of your normal site. Security conscious visitors of your site may decide that is no longer safe to visit. And if you actually lose control of your users Personally Identifiable Information(PII), then your credibility with your users will will really suffer.

Block Lists

2. Block Lists:
A relatively newer threat to web servers is the notion of server side malware. This is where an attacker gains control of your server, but does not leave any notice by damage, exfiltration of data, or defacement. Their new goal, once they have control of your server, is to hide there and ambush your unsuspecting visitors. This may be accomplished by sending visitors malware or by redirecting them to a malicious site.

Many services, including google's safe browsing, keep track of sites that are distributing malware and viruses and warn users before they connect or just block the connection. If you wind up on one of these lists, it can take some time to have your site removed effectively making your site down to some users while you are on the naughty list.

Data Loss

3. Data Loss:
If you have ANY data on your server you don't want the whole world to have or that you can't live without and only have one copy, then you should be concerned about data loss. (You are doing regular backups right?)

Time and Money

4. Time and Money: If your site is breached, you can guarantee, the cleanup will cost you some time and money. How much will depend on the depth of penetration by the attackers and what, if any, data was lost or stolen.

Unfortunately, it is a sad truth that if you have a site on the Internet, one or more of these concerns may be something that keeps you awake at night.

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Where Did My Hard Drive Space Go?

We’ve all been there.

You go to install a new game or program and get the dreaded

Low Disk Space Available on Local Drive C:\

You think to yourself, what did I install lately? Where did all of my hard drive space go?

Well, there are a lot of answers to this question, and a few different ways to go about finding out.

Cleanup After Yourself

The built-in Windows tool called Disk Cleanup will help you delete temporary files and unimportant data. There are 2 ways to find it. You can right-click on the drive you want to clean and select properties, then click Disk Cleanup under the pie chart, or you can search Windows for Disk Cleanup. Either way, you end up at the right place.

Disk Cleanup

Here you can clean up the temporary files that collect on your system, temporary files, log files, your recycle bin, and other garbage.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can follow the More Options link and Clean up the System Restore and Shadow Copies, deleting your old system restore data. Watch out, though. This takes out all but your most recent restore points, so make sure you won’t need to go back further.

Clear Out Space Hogs

Open up Programs and Features in the control panel and click the Size column. Now you can see how much space your installed programs are hogging. Same as above, search for Uninstall Programs, or open the control panel by right clicking the start button and selecting control panel. Windows 10 lets you open up Settings and use System -> Apps & features as well.

Now is also a good time to uninstall the bloatware that came with your PC. So long, free trial of Macafee!

Size of Programs

See, I should uninstall a bunch of games.


Call In the Analyst

Download WinDirStat

WinDirStat will show you exactly what is using the most space. Your files, folders, and programs are all likely culprits. Don’t delete any important system files in your bloodlust, just personal data files. You don’t want to reinstall Windows, right? WinDirStat can show you exactly how much space a program is using. Sometimes the Programs and Features Control Panel doesn’t. Now you can delete and uninstall with the knowledge that you’re making headway.


Temporary Doesn’t Mean It Disappears

CCleaner will help in another way. Remember cleaning up our temporary files earlier? That’s not the whole job. CCleaner will remove files from programs like Firefox and Chrome that can hide GIGS of space in their temporary folders. Disk Cleanup won’t remove those, and they need to GET GONE.


Restoration (of your) Hardware

Tame System Restore. If you find that it’s taking up lots of room, you can lessen the amount of space it takes up for each restore point, and how many restore points it keeps. Remember, if you need the restore point from 3 months ago, it may not be there anymore after this.

System Restore

Hopefully, these little tips will help you clear out your computer and get your PC moving again. To get your business moving, High Level Studios is here to build and market your website with Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing, and bring customers in the door. Call us today at 314-434-0189 or visit for a free quote. Take your business to the next level with High Level Studios.

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New Study Shows Internet Use is Down with Americans amid privacy concerns

A new government study shows that Americans are less likely to share controversial opinions online and over 25% have stopped online banking for fear of privacy and security concerns. 1 in 5 have had a major security breach in the last year, and over 26% won't shop online anymore. By Leo Laporte

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Google: More First Page URLs In Search Results Are HTTPS Relative To The URLs On The Web

Google: More First Page URLs In Search Results Are HTTPS Relative To The URLs On The Web Google at SMX East: While Only 10% Of URLs On The Web Are HTTPS, 30% Of Page One Google Results Have HTTPS URLs Barry Schwartz on October 3, 2014 at 9:21 am 770 More google-lock-ssl-secure-ss-1920 At Search Marketing Expo East, Google’s Gary Illyes presented on an HTTPS panel and shared some very interesting data and history on Google’s HTTPS ranking signal. Page One Search Results More Likely To Contain HTTPS Urls Gary explained that while only 10% of the crawled and discovered URLs on the web are HTTPS URLs, that 30% of the first page search results contain at least one or more HTTPS URLs. So if you are looking at all the queries done on Google, 30% of the first page of the Google search results for each of those queries have at least one HTTPS URL listed in the results. He didn’t know why that was the case but he said it was indeed something Google noticed and wanted to share. Gary Illyes Is To Blame For The HTTPS Signal Gary admitted on stage that bringing HTTPS as a ranking signal was not only his idea but that he implemented it into the algorithm himself. He said that back in March, he brought the idea to the head of search spam, Matt Cutts. Matt Cutts was excited about the idea, so they immediately began working on it and testing it. In July it was ready to go and in August they launched it. Gary said, he was the engineer who coded it into the ranking algorithm. HTTPS Is Still A Small Ranking Signal Gary said the HTTPS signal in the algorithm is still small. It impacts less than 1% of all queries and he would compare it more to the PageSpeed algorithm versus something larger like Panda. Future Changes To HTTPS In Ranking Gary shared a lot of details about some “brainstorm” sessions they had about possible changes they can make to HTTPS as a ranking signal. Let me be clear, he said these are just ideas and most, if not all, are NOT being worked on by Google or even tested. On idea that is being worked on is handling “broken certificates,” i.e. security certificates that do not work at all or other issues with the certificate such as content mismatch errors and if they will lead to a demotion in the rankings or substituting it out for the HTTP version, if possible. Other ideas they have brainstormed but are not working on include looking to see of the e-commerce checkout process is all over HTTPS, if login credentials are done over HTTPS and the cipher strength of the certificate is at a certain level or not. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. Staff authors are listed here.

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JP Morgan reveals data breach affected 76 million households

JP Morgan reveals data breach affected 76 million households

Elizabeth Weise, USATODAY 8:04 p.m. EDT October 2, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO — The cyberattack on JPMorgan Chase & Co., first announced in July, compromised information from 76 million households and 7 million small businesses, the company revealed Thursday in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Contact information, including name, address, phone number and e-mail address, as well as internal JPMorgan Chase information about the users, was compromised, the filing said. However the bank said no customer money appears to have been stolen.

JPMorgan said "there is no evidence that account information for such affected customers — account numbers, passwords, user IDs, dates of birth or Social Security numbers — was compromised during this attack."

The attack is one of the largest corporate breaches thus far reported.

More chillingly, a report Thursday in The New York Times said that the hackers were able to gain "the highest level of administrative privilege" on more than 90 of the bank's servers, according to people the newspaper spoke with who were familiar with the forensic investigation of the breach.

That means they "had root" on the servers of one of the largest banks in the world — they "could transfer funds, disclose information, close accounts, and basically do whatever they want to the data," said Jeff Williams, chief technology officer with Contrast Security in Palo Alto, Calif.

In its SEC filing, JPMorgan said as of Oct. 2 it had not "seen any unusual customer fraud related to this incident."

"This is a truly remarkable attack, but not just in its scope — hackers successfully penetrated one of the most secure organizations on this planet and they stole absolutely nothing of value — no money, no Social Security numbers, no passwords," said John Gunn, with Vasco Data Security International in Chicago.

"Persistence like that, with no stolen money, is due to a future planned operation — or that the objective was to identify data that was material in some other aspect," said J.J. Thompson of Rook Security in Indianapolis.

"This could be to track down a person of interest by observing financial transaction locations, to plans future large scale disruption when they know their competitor plans to wire funds to close a deal, or any other odd scenario you could see on (the TV show) 'Blacklist,'" he said.

JPM shares were down 0.89% in after-hours trading.

Whether there really was an attack or not, consumers should beware of "piggyback attacks" in which criminals launch social engineering attacks making use of customer anxiety after reports of a big-name breach.

"The usual advice applies: If you get an e-mail or a call from a JP Morgan rep, feel free to thank them for contacting you and hang up. Customers should always initiate that contact by looking at their credit card or statement for the contact number; you simply can't trust that an incoming call or e-mail is legitimate and not a phishing attempt," said Tod Beardsley, engineering manager with security firm Rapid7.

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MakerBot’s Bre Pettis Launches Bold Machines, A Workshop For 3D-Printed Stuff

MakerBot’s Bre Pettis Launches Bold Machines, A Workshop For 3D-Printed Stuff

Up Close With The Biggest Joystick In The World (That We Know Of)


After a slightly surprising move away from a managerial role at MakerBot, former CEO Bre Pettis has finally announced what he’s working on: Bold Machines, an “Innovation Workshop” for MakerBot parent company Stratasys. Designed to be a creative skunkworks for the 3D printing company, Bold Machines will design cool 3D prints, work with artists and inventors, and even make movies. Their first project, a film called Margo, looks to be a corker.

“Our mission is to explore the frontier of 3D printing and partner with innovators to showcase Stratasys, MakerBot, and Solidscape 3D printers,” said Pettis. “We are still at the beginning of the next industrial revolution and I want to push it along by collaborating and creating inspiring projects that will break into new industries.”

The workshop is headquartered at MakerBot’s original Dean Street offices in Brooklyn and contains dozens of 3D printers that are busy churning out characters and objects for the film. Pettis said he is still involved with MakerBot and Stratasys from a business side. “I’m still involved, but I’ll be innovating with the other technologies in Stratasys. For example, I’m really excited to work with Solidscape wax 3D printers,” he said.

What is Margo? It’s a feature-length film featuring Bold Machine characters.

Margo is a smart young detective. Her parents have gone missing on a space exploration mission. She receives a cryptic message and a key that leads her to discover her parents secret laboratory under the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s a cutting edge laboratory full of contraptions, robots, and a jet pack for her dog. She’s going to need all the advanced tech she can get because she’s also just uncovered a sinister plot schemed up by a local business mogul, Mr. Walthersnap, who turns out to be a bad guy.

You can download and print Margo right now if you’re so inclined or keep your eye on Pettis’ beard and look for updates here. The team will release new models weekly as they run up to the completion of the film.

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Have Fun Writing SEO Friendly Articles

The future of search is information. Think of Google as a hungry monster, but instead of wanting to eat villagers and demanding sacrifices, Google wants new information. Finding a way to present what your company makes, or what services you offer, is a key to finding yourself near the top of search engine results. Content doesn't always have to be dry though. Writing for the web can be fun if you follow a few basic rules.

1. Make sure that your keywords are used in your articles

It sounds like common sense, but if you want someone to find you for something, make sure that your keywords are actually used in the body of your article. Google wants to see that you are, in fact, talking about the subject that you are advertising to them in your headline and keywords. Using the keywords in the body of the article as part of quality writing, and should be integrated in order to entertain the reader as well. That's the holy grail of web writing. SEO friendly text that people WANT to read. It's harder than it looks, but is something that can be achieved with good self-editing or having a second party look at it.

2. Remember that you are the expert

When writing about your industry, remember this: you know more about your industry than anyone outside of it. I always ask clients for help depending on how involved they want to be. Any help from an expert is appreciated, from writing to proof-reading. Many times, my research might not match up with what a client believes of subscribes to. You want to make sure that the article expresses both knowledge of the subject and the correct position for your client.

3. Headlines are important

Give your article an informative headline that describes the content to follow, and is shorter than 60 characters. There's a debate whether search engines stop reading at 60 or 80 characters, I say why chance it, keep it under 60. Search engines only read a certain amount of your description, keywords, and title. For titles, it's 60 characters. For descriptions, it's 150 characters. For Keywords, I keep them under 10. That's because there's more weight attached the less there is.

Hopefully this will help with writing blogs for your website. They're a great way to communicate with your customers, and a great way to increase the amount of content on the site, while proving that you're an expert in your field.

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Understanding the Search Engine Optimization Game

If you are part of the online world, you would have heard a lot of talk about Google's algorithm changes called Penguin and Panda and, as a result, may have made changes to your website or those of your clients. However, if you are a small business owner, such as a carpet cleaner, hairdresser or plumber and search engine optimizsation is not something you think about an awful lot, all this talk probably means diddly squat (not a technical term).

To put it in plain terms, when it comes to Google, Panda and Penguin are not cute animals you find at the zoo, rather they were names given to major updates to how Google prioritized pages when someone does a search.

As the Internet changes and evolves, Google and other search engines update their algorithms (the way they rank search results) to help searchers find websites that provide a greater user experience.

In Google's official blog, it says their goal is simple: to give people the most relevant answers to their queries as quickly as possible.

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3 Steps To Better Web Design

Website design has become a lot more sophisticated in recent years. There are so many websites online now that the competition is getting stiffer by the day. Every edge you can give yourself means one step closer to winning the game. Web design concerns are increasingly more important and you can give yourself that added advantage by paying attention to just a few web design principles.
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30 Killer Marketing Tips You Must Be Aware Of

The following are short byte-sized tips and tricks I’ve picked up since my inception into Internet marketing. No doubt there’s something valuable for everyone to take away from this post, no matter what marketing strategies are being implemented.

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Crappy Web Design Hurts Business: Could Yours Be Killing Results?

Lacking a solid Web design strategy wastes money, loses clients, and can harm your business much more than if you had no website at all. But why?

Because, website design is not about “the design.”

All “website design” is not created equal … but this is the No. 1 related misconception adopted by small businesses on the Web.

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A Dip into the Future: Swim with Your Smartphone, Print Your Dinner

DG MediaMind’s Innovation Team descended upon Las Vegas for the annual technology gadget overload that is CES. This year’s show had a record-breaking exhibit space of 1.92 million square feet and over 150,000 folks attended. Out of all of the insanity, we spotted some exciting new trends that will shape the way we live in the not-too-distant future.

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14 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website Through SEO & Search Engine Marketing

One of the chief concerns we have as website owners is how to drive traffic to our websites. Without knowing how to get more traffic, how else will we get more leads, make more sales and continue to make money online?

There are a number of ways to get more traffic, so I’ve collected this list of my favorite traffic-generation techniques. I’ve tried to organize them into the following categories:

Content & Article Marketing
SEO & Search Engine Marketing
Video Marketing & Podcasting
Email Marketing & Syndication
Advertising & PPC
Public Relations & Spreading the Word
Social Media & Bookmarking

Today we focus on SEO & Search Engine Marketing. Look for more to come!
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Two Must-Haves for True Website Optimization

Brands that regard their websites as a primary revenue source have three distinct priorities: give customers an optimal experience, create loyalty and convert potentially passive browsers into active buyers.

It’s not a coincidence that experience and loyalty precede sales in this short priority list; the relationship between exceptional customer experiences and revenue growth is fairly direct. The better your website speaks to your visitors, the more loyal they will become and the more sales you will generate.

The good news is that customers can (and should) be very active in the optimization process. Through their clicks, page views, bounces, reviews and purchases, our online customers are offering us helpful feedback about their online experiences, in real time.

So what can you do with all this data?

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15 CES Innovations That Change the Game for Marketers

Consumer tech is weirder than ever. From interactive digital credit cards to "smart" forks, we went inside CES to find the innovations that will have the biggest impact on marketers.

CES innovation No. 1: The next generation of digital credit cards
How smart is your wallet? If you’re looking for a new brand engagement opportunity, get ready for a breakthrough in digital credit cards. With the introduction of the Dynamics "ePlate" device, consumers can push a button on the card itself to choose what reward they want a particular payment to go toward. Users can also choose whether to pay cash or pay with redeemed points through the physical card. And a version of the card also features security-hidden card numbers. Available on any existing VISA or MasterCard account, this innovation puts the control at the fingertips of the user. And it’s free for brands to participate.

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26 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website Through Content and Article Marketing

One of the chief concerns we have as website owners is how to drive traffic to our websites. Without knowing how to get more traffic, how else will we get more leads, make more sales and continue to make money online?

There are a number of ways to get more traffic, so I’ve collected this list of my favorite traffic-generation techniques. I’ve tried to organize them into the following categories:

Content & Article Marketing
SEO & Search Engine Marketing
Video Marketing & Podcasting
Email Marketing & Syndication
Advertising & PPC
Public Relations & Spreading the Word
Social Media & Bookmarking

Today we focus on Content & Article Marketing.  Look for more to come!

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SEO and Social Media Specialists Identified as Hot Tech Jobs for 2013

Recruitment firms Robert Half Technology and The Creative Group have released 2013 Salary Guides this month that identify SEO/SEM specialists and social media specialists as two of the hottest technology jobs for 2013.

Both positions offer strong starting salaries in both the U.S. and Canada, with income ranges that have increased in the past 12 months due to continual high demand for experienced candidates.

According to The Creative Group, the growth of online, mobile and social media content has created strong demand for professionals with a range of interactive skills, including user experience designers, mobile developers and online community managers. Marketing professionals with experience using social media measurement and client relationship management tools, for example, are highly sought after.

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Website Design Checklist – How to Create a Successful Website

Whether you are creating your first website or wanting to improve an existing one, use this checklist to ensure the success of your business online.

1. Domain Name

Register a domain name that has keywords related to your business. Even if your business name is John Smith & Sons, registering a domain name with just the name is not going to help your business from a search engine point of view. Try including some keywords, for example: or You can always register additional domain names with your business name or product names to protect your brand and identity but, for the main domain name, make sure you have some keywords included. This will help with search engine optimization later on.

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“Scott was (and still is even after the official "end" of the project) great to work with. As a non-profit, cost was a consideration, and HLS was able to get us what we needed (and wanted) in a website for a cost well below what others quoted us. I can't say enough about our wonderful experience with Scott and High Level Studios! Anyone considering a website design or redesign needs to contact Scott and his team.”
patrickC Patrick C, President of Hispanic Bar Association, Saint Louis
“We were not anywhere close to being on the first or second page of Google now we're number one thanks to High Level Studios LLC. they did a very good job of putting our web page together.”
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