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Have Fun Writing SEO Friendly Articles

The future of search is information. Think of Google as a hungry monster, but instead of wanting to eat villagers and demanding sacrifices, Google wants new information. Finding a way to present what your company makes, or what services you offer, is a key to finding yourself near the top of search engine results. Content doesn't always have to be dry though. Writing for the web can be fun if you follow a few basic rules.

1. Make sure that your keywords are used in your articles

It sounds like common sense, but if you want someone to find you for something, make sure that your keywords are actually used in the body of your article. Google wants to see that you are, in fact, talking about the subject that you are advertising to them in your headline and keywords. Using the keywords in the body of the article as part of quality writing, and should be integrated in order to entertain the reader as well. That's the holy grail of web writing. SEO friendly text that people WANT to read. It's harder than it looks, but is something that can be achieved with good self-editing or having a second party look at it.

2. Remember that you are the expert

When writing about your industry, remember this: you know more about your industry than anyone outside of it. I always ask clients for help depending on how involved they want to be. Any help from an expert is appreciated, from writing to proof-reading. Many times, my research might not match up with what a client believes of subscribes to. You want to make sure that the article expresses both knowledge of the subject and the correct position for your client.

3. Headlines are important

Give your article an informative headline that describes the content to follow, and is shorter than 60 characters. There's a debate whether search engines stop reading at 60 or 80 characters, I say why chance it, keep it under 60. Search engines only read a certain amount of your description, keywords, and title. For titles, it's 60 characters. For descriptions, it's 150 characters. For Keywords, I keep them under 10. That's because there's more weight attached the less there is.

Hopefully this will help with writing blogs for your website. They're a great way to communicate with your customers, and a great way to increase the amount of content on the site, while proving that you're an expert in your field.

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SEO Lesson XIX: Free Marketing

MPj041178200001Since we learned earlier that over eighty percent of search is believed to stay in the natural or organic search result area, we now know that Guerilla Marketing on Social Websites can be incredibly successful. There are so many free avenues to take that can enhance your business by leaps and bounds. Many people do not understand that a site’s overall ranking is imperative to our own personal marketing. It is your job to leverage the power of sites like “You Tube”, “Twitter” and “Facebook” to your advantage. In a difficult market, you can break through into those search engine result pages by posting on “Twitter” and using your URLS to lead people back to your website. You may not have been one of the first five results if you tried to install the same post or video on your website, but since you posted or deployed it to a website that has a high ranking with search engine you may get a higher result in search engine result pages. This may, in turn, drive traffic through the parent site, such as “Twitter” or “YouTube”.

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SEO Lesson VIII: Content is King

The most important thing when building your website is CONTENT. Many people leave stagnant pages that basically rot the internet. It’s very good to change the content on your site regularly. You should add an article about your company and something it is involved with (possibly charity) and put it under the “news” tab on the website.

The search engines will locate content and with new content continuously being updated, they know your site is “alive”. The most important task of any designer or project manager is to help the client properly align the content of their website with the content of their meta information. I know many people in the Web field believe that meta-tags don’t hold much weight with Google and other search engines. This could be correct, yet we may never know with Google’s algorithm being private. It is, however, my belief that it’s imperative to set up a proper title, description and keywords in your meta-tags and ensure that same content is on the landing page of your website.

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SEO Lesson VII: Interactive Marketing

social-media marketing “Facebook”, “MySpace”, “LinkedIn” and “Twitter” are just a few of the growing social networks on the internet. The internet is the connection we use to gain access to the world wide web. Its resources are abundant. For instance, people using “Twitter” find one another because they’re like-minded, or they follow someone based on good content. If you are interested in snowboarding, you can find other people that are interested in snowboarding. Then, their posts will keep you up to date with the snowboarding community.

If you are someone who designs custom snowboards and you are on the web to sell snowboards and to talk about things you enjoy, including snowboard tips and tricks or news or maybe a competition coming up nearby, people take pleasure in this type of information. They enjoy reading that information and then below that blog message they see your name and that you sell custom snowboards. You already know the people you follow are interested in snowboarding, so now you may directly market to thousands of people on your Twitter account that you know are interested in a similar product. Marketing in this way is a great tool and can be free. They also trust more in your product because your information has directly helped them in the past. They automatically think of the you next time they go to purchase a snowboard.

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SEO Lesson VI : Site Structure & Indexing

mysql When working with a database, an index is the structure that improves the speed of a database table. Most all new websites in some way use a database. MYSQL is a database often used on the Linux platform. With Linux, you’ll have a few things you need to research with your site designer. You need to make sure your site will be designed with a good content management system. Websites now are designed for users without knowledge of coding to change and add content. This is important because content is king and you are going to be creating good content for your website to enhance your websites visibility on search engines.

This is very important because your web designer or program manager is not going to be able to nurture your website with content like you may be able to. Large companies will often times employ people dedicated to writing articles and content strictly for release on the web. After you have found out you are using a content management system, you now have a few things to make sure your designer does with that website.

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SEO Lesson V: Organic Search vs. Paid Search

Many people are confused by internet marketing because they don’t understand Organic/Natural Search in contrast to a Paid search.

Eighty percent of people who search the web are using an organic search. Below is an illustration of the difference between organic and paid links.

One of the first things I recommend that people do is register with the DMOZ and The Google Local Business Center. The Google Local Business center is a hidden gem. This will help you come up in personal digital assistant devices such as mobile telephones and Google Map results, but moreover in the mapped results at the top of Google search engine result pages. As a business, whether regional, local or national, this will help you come up on the first page. Your business may be up top where there are map results. When people click on that, it does not cost you a penny! This listing is organic by nature and is not a sponsored result, but will help people locate your business significantly better if searching local.

st louis website and seo

Many times I hear webmasters say things like, “Google does not even look at meta tags, so don’t worry about it.” These people are forgetting that Yahoo and MSN use Metatags. You should use your Metatags to solidify your content by having the same thing on your homepage as your Metatags. I have personally seen good results from making changes to meta information in Google. Last week, I fixed a Word Press site that had no meta information or tags at all. That would be laziness or lack of information on part of the design company. When building a site at High Level Studios LLC., St. Louis, MO, I personally ensure that the client does not come back with another web designer asking questions. One may be: why I did not do basic things like make sure the title and description have basic searchable information. I just got another website last week from a large corporate company that had no readable text on the homepage except their current company news. This news would never carry the keywords and information that we want to drive sales and traffic from the website. We need solid keywords, a title, and a description.

If your website company or designer does not ask for this information, they are not doing Search Engine Optimization for your website.

organic search

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SEO Lesson IV: R.O.I.

SEO and SEM for Search enginesGathering a return on an investment is important to any business. This is often referred to as R.O.I. , or Return on Investment. In search engine optimization, there are two types of techniques: "white hat" and "black hat". In "white hat" search engine optimization, good techniques are used to gain more quality inbound links and traffic without an attempt to deceive the search engines. Many times people will sign up with a program or website that offers astonishing results. Anything said similar to "We will get you on the first page of Google," is generally not true if they are speaking in organic search terms. Anyone can be anywhere in paid results. It's just having the most money to bid. But, we now know that over eighty percent of the market does not click on sponsored links in Google or Yahoo. Therefore, a focus on organic search is not only cost effective (generally free), but has eighty percent of the traffic anyway.

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SEO Lesson III: Knowing Your Audience

One of the most difficult, and most important, aspects of marketing is learning about your audience. Once you complete a site you always want to use statistics tools like "Google Analytics" or "Awstats" to be sure you understand the trends of the people visiting your site. For instance, it is observed that people are on average visiting three pages of our site. They are, however, tending to drop off when they get to page three. We then need to look at page three in comparison with pages one and two. Upon inspection, we may notice page three has an overwhelming amount of print to read. Therefore, people are either clicking on another page, or leaving the site altogether, once they reach page three. So we now know that each page should be easy to understand and navigate, and the third page must be trimmed down. This is the importance of knowing your audience and their habits.  

Knowing your Audience
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SEO Lesson II : Information Architecture

Information Architecture
When building a website, a designer or marketer should know about "information architecture". This is a fairly easy concept for some content writers, yet very difficult for those that may be too close to any project. Many times it is better to hire an outside marketing agency. This is because they are not as close to the subject as you are, and they may offer a fresh perspective. Also, remember not to get caught up in tools that are supposed to enhance your website, such as website portals and/or ad submission tools. These can create some benefits, but must be utilized after your basic SEO is correct. The most important thing is understanding what information is most important and what terms and phrases drive the most traffic to your website.  
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Understanding Search Engines

Search engines are very complex at the root, but very rudimentary by nature. On March 13, 2009, the World Wide Web celebrated only 20 young years of existence, so it is considered to be a relatively new field. Search engines are designed using complex algorithms based on statistical information to determine placement of where your site should be located in the search engine result pages. There are differences within each search provider and they are patented by them individually as well. In this article we will focus on Google, Yahoo and MSN. I choose to focus on these three because they are the currently the most popular search engines.  Prior to search engines, there was no way to index information so it could be referenced quickly. We were lucky to have grown up with libraries that utilized the Dewey decimal system, but have advanced greatly from that time. Once databases of information were created and locked together, we were able to quickly and accurately access the information we need for a particular situation or topic.
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SEO Specialist; Can I Become one?

We all want our website to be at the top of the search engine when someone types in something similar to our company or service. I have worked with hundreds of companies to enhance their web presence. The world of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a large task to conquer. As a web designer or internet marketer, you will have many tasks that are requested of you. One of the main questions is, “Can you get me to the top of search engines?” Let's Find out together!
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“Scott was (and still is even after the official "end" of the project) great to work with. As a non-profit, cost was a consideration, and HLS was able to get us what we needed (and wanted) in a website for a cost well below what others quoted us. I can't say enough about our wonderful experience with Scott and High Level Studios! Anyone considering a website design or redesign needs to contact Scott and his team.”
patrickC Patrick C, President of Hispanic Bar Association, Saint Louis
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“Simply the best!!!!! I think this lady below must be the competition because their price was far lower than the rest and the work quality was the best that must be why they do all the top St Louis company websites!!”
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