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Where Did My Hard Drive Space Go?

We’ve all been there.

You go to install a new game or program and get the dreaded

Low Disk Space Available on Local Drive C:\

You think to yourself, what did I install lately? Where did all of my hard drive space go?

Well, there are a lot of answers to this question, and a few different ways to go about finding out.

Cleanup After Yourself

The built-in Windows tool called Disk Cleanup will help you delete temporary files and unimportant data. There are 2 ways to find it. You can right-click on the drive you want to clean and select properties, then click Disk Cleanup under the pie chart, or you can search Windows for Disk Cleanup. Either way, you end up at the right place.

Disk Cleanup

Here you can clean up the temporary files that collect on your system, temporary files, log files, your recycle bin, and other garbage.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can follow the More Options link and Clean up the System Restore and Shadow Copies, deleting your old system restore data. Watch out, though. This takes out all but your most recent restore points, so make sure you won’t need to go back further.

Clear Out Space Hogs

Open up Programs and Features in the control panel and click the Size column. Now you can see how much space your installed programs are hogging. Same as above, search for Uninstall Programs, or open the control panel by right clicking the start button and selecting control panel. Windows 10 lets you open up Settings and use System -> Apps & features as well.

Now is also a good time to uninstall the bloatware that came with your PC. So long, free trial of Macafee!

Size of Programs

See, I should uninstall a bunch of games.


Call In the Analyst

Download WinDirStat

WinDirStat will show you exactly what is using the most space. Your files, folders, and programs are all likely culprits. Don’t delete any important system files in your bloodlust, just personal data files. You don’t want to reinstall Windows, right? WinDirStat can show you exactly how much space a program is using. Sometimes the Programs and Features Control Panel doesn’t. Now you can delete and uninstall with the knowledge that you’re making headway.


Temporary Doesn’t Mean It Disappears

CCleaner will help in another way. Remember cleaning up our temporary files earlier? That’s not the whole job. CCleaner will remove files from programs like Firefox and Chrome that can hide GIGS of space in their temporary folders. Disk Cleanup won’t remove those, and they need to GET GONE.


Restoration (of your) Hardware

Tame System Restore. If you find that it’s taking up lots of room, you can lessen the amount of space it takes up for each restore point, and how many restore points it keeps. Remember, if you need the restore point from 3 months ago, it may not be there anymore after this.

System Restore

Hopefully, these little tips will help you clear out your computer and get your PC moving again. To get your business moving, High Level Studios is here to build and market your website with Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing, and bring customers in the door. Call us today at 314-434-0189 or visit for a free quote. Take your business to the next level with High Level Studios.

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