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Chris has been with High Level Studios since 2012, learning the ropes of Joomla and Wordpress design and how Google, Yahoo and Bing can help grow your business.

Fix Your SEO in 10 Minutes!

On your marks, get set…

1. Find the Right Keyword (4 Minutes)

The first step is to choose what you think most of the people you want on your site would search for in Google. Remember, it’s the people you want on your site, that is those who either would actually buy your product or service, who would follow your blog, whatever the case may be. It has to be something relevant.

For professionals, there are a number of tools to determine just that. An SEO expert would be able to filter out the words that are not relevant and, more or less, find the exact words and phrases in any given subject that would give their client more hits, and more substantial hits. Luckily you can use some of their research fairly quickly—though not quite as accurate, this will definitely be helpful.
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How to Optimize Your Mobile Website

If you haven’t optimized your website for mobile traffic yet, you are likely missing a big opportunity to market to prospects and strengthen engagement with your current customer base. So the question becomes, what are you doing to optimize your mobile website?

comScore reported earlier this year that there are more than 100 million smartphone users in the United States alone and mobiThinking reports there are now more than 1.2 billion mobile web users worldwide, accounting for more than eight percent of total web traffic.

Clearly, with the ongoing proliferation of browsers and devices that can access your content and commerce offerings, the mobile web opens up a vast new audience of potential visitors to your site. In fact, Gartner predicts mobile will be the number one Internet access device as early as next year.

Your standard web site may be performing extremely well, but you’ll need to re-think what constitutes a successful site when you dive into the mobile web, because mobile is different. Analyses of consumer behavior have shown that mobile users have different needs and expectations than desktop users. The “on-the-go” environment, task-at-hand and physical device constraints all differ, often dramatically.

When you initiate a plan to “mobilize” your standard website, you’ll save a great deal of time, money and resources by doing it right the first time.
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5 Ways for a Website to Provide Customer Service

When you think of customer service, websites rarely come to mind. Instead you probably envision smiling faces and helpful staff guiding customers through the buying experience or handling a question or concern for an existing customer. However, the world is changing, and many consumers want a new kind of customer service; they want one that is accessible to them night and day, without having to talk to or interact with anyone in person. That is where the website can actually enhance customer service experience. Here are 5 examples:

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10 Things Joomla Techies Don’t Tell You

This article is to teach you what the techies don’t think to tell you in their “documentation,” such as it is. You obviously know that you have to establish an account with a web host, and you have done that. You have “hosted” a domain name (URL) on your host’s computers, and you have performed the One-Click Install that gets your free copy of Joomla® built behind your domain. You like Joomla because it is “open source,” and has been thoroughly tested. Its large user base means you can get help when you need it.

Here are 10 basic concepts that you might find useful in building your Joomla site:

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Social Networks: Understanding Each One

You know you should listen to your customers and you are aware that social media has been the new way for people to express their opinions about products and services. But what are the platforms available and what are the differences between each one of them? Here is a quick guide for you:

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Ready, Aim, Design! How to Make Your Site Speak to Your Target Market

Building a website without first deciding who you are building it for is a lot like skeet shooting while blindfolded – you’re not very likely to hit your target. While you may have an impressive looking site, that alone won’t lead you to convert visitors into customers. And while your website text plays a very big role in converting clients, so too does your website’s design. So how do you design a website that appeals to your target audience?
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Choosing your content managed website platform

From Joomla to Wordpress and Drupal, free and paid-for templates, and a plethora of modules, components and extensions, the world really is your oyster when it comes to choosing and implementing a content managed (CMS) website. Your website. It's your digital sales force, your 24-hour storefront window, and it makes you global player from the moment you go live.
In order to make the most of this opportunity though, you need to keep your content fresh and relevant, and you have to be able to update it regularly - without getting a degree in web development or breaking the proverbial bank.

The worldwide introduction of content managed website platforms such as Joomla have really changed the face of digital marketing. These open source website solutions now allow anyone to put together and manage a website, without years of training, or an agency on 24-hour call.
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What You Need to Know About Joomla 3

The big news for Joomla is clear: Joomla 3 is now only three months away from launch.

We're going to give a run down of everything you need to know about this new version:
Joomla 3 in a Nutshell
* What's great about Joomla 3? This is the version that will bring Joomla up-to-speed with the mobile revolution that is taking over the web.
* Who is Joomla 3 for? To begin with, it is for developers and early adopters only.
* I am on Joomla 2.5. What do I do? Stay right where you are! Joomla 2.5 is a wonderful version of Joomla and will be supported until 2014.
* Will the upgrade be easy? Yes, the plan is to allow people to upgrade from 2.5 to 3.0 directly from the administrator area of their site. Remember though, you don't need to do that until 2013 or 2014.
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10 WordPress Plugins That Save Bloggers Time

1. Stats
Personally, I feel it is essential for bloggers to track the activity on their blogs. You can make use of a web analytics tool, but it takes sometime to navigate through all the reports. That is where a plugin will be handy. The Stats plugin is a big help in this regard. Instead of using another application, you can keep track of your blog’s stats directly from your WordPress dashboard.

2. WP-Polls
It is a well-known fact that people like to participate in polls. There are options available to you on the internet, but the WP-Polls plugin will allow you to create custom polls on your WordPress dashboard. You do not have to leave your account to log into another site to manage it. This is only if you want to make use of polls.

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5 Ways to Beef Up the Content on Your Site

When you first get your website up and running, your first thought may be to implement some article marketing strategies to get the traffic pouring into your site. Your sole thought may be to do something “out there” in order to produce the results that you want on your site.

There is one step that should happen prior to that though, and it’s one that a lot of site owners overlook. Before anything, you need to develop the content on your website. You see, in order to attract readers, you need to have some reason for them to be at your website.

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10 Social Networking Security Tips

Social Networking is the biggest thing to hit the internet since it began. The sheer numbers involved are staggering. If Facebook was a country it would be the 3rd largest in the world behind India. It can be a massive force for good, yet it comes with inherent dangers, not least of which is to your security.

So here are 10 Social Networking Security Tips, to keep you safe and secure while chatting with your mates!

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10 Things You Can Do To Get Traffic Right Now

I have been working quite a bit on SEO lately. It works but it is very time-consuming. It is frustrating because every time I create a new Squidoo page, create a new blog post or relevant link I know I will not see immediate results. So what can you do to get traffic to your site now? What if you can’t or will not wait? I believe in long term strategy over short term strategies because tomorrow generally rolls around. However, the two strategies are not mutually exclusive. You can work a short term plan and a long term plan at the same time. Here are 10 things you can do to get traffic relatively quickly to your website:

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10 SEO and Link Building Mistakes

Mistake 1 – Neglecting On-page Optimization:

I think more people are beginning to understand the importance of on-page optimization when it comes to ranking their web pages. With so much focus on keywords and link building though, often I see webmasters focusing too heavily on the “off page” stuff, without realizing what they do “on” their website is just as important. Proper internal linking, keyword density, LSI, image text, no follow tags, just to name a few, are also very important to search engines. There are free plugins available to help you with a lot of this stuff, so do your due diligence and implement whatever strategies need be.

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Why companies must adopt the open source way

In a fast changing global marketplace, businesses increasingly rely on technology that enables them to innovate and respond quickly to the evolving business environment.

Every day I see examples of both large and small, public and private sector, organisations turning to open source technologies to support their business goals and deliver better customer experiences.

Open source's potential for delivering significant savings to the bottom line, resulting from the lack of software licence fees, has become recognised by organisations around the globe and validated by independent research.
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Utilizing your SEO

Now that we have researched SEO, we understand that we individually play an active role as to the success of our website. Make sure that you have a list of questions, as well as do’s and don’ts for your website, to ask your designer or design team before building the website. Building websites is one of the most difficult jobs there is, in my opinion, and it is seldom that you will find designers that know, much less use, the techniques described. If you create them a checklist they should accept it with no problem.

Some of it may be elemental to them, but be sure each item on the list is executed properly in order to gain good site ranking. Remember, you can always check yourself by using tools. I am in no way affiliated with, but it is a great free tool. If you use these tools, along with a good designer that knows a good content management system such as “word press” “Drupal” or “Joomla”, you will have a successful web presence.

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Joomla 2.5.5 security updates arrives with added features - Update

The Joomla! developers have released version 2.5.5 of the open source content management system. The new version is predominantly a security update but also includes several new features.
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How to perform an SEO health check on your small business website

By Scott Benson

If you’re a small business owner, you’ve probably thought a bit about how customers find your website through search engines and maybe even the reputation your business has online. These are questions that hit the core of search engine optimization. Here are a few quick-hitting tactics to allow small business owners to check the health of their websites as well as a few SEO tactics to perform after you begin to monitor that health.
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SEO Lesson XIX: Free Marketing

MPj041178200001Since we learned earlier that over eighty percent of search is believed to stay in the natural or organic search result area, we now know that Guerilla Marketing on Social Websites can be incredibly successful. There are so many free avenues to take that can enhance your business by leaps and bounds. Many people do not understand that a site’s overall ranking is imperative to our own personal marketing. It is your job to leverage the power of sites like “You Tube”, “Twitter” and “Facebook” to your advantage. In a difficult market, you can break through into those search engine result pages by posting on “Twitter” and using your URLS to lead people back to your website. You may not have been one of the first five results if you tried to install the same post or video on your website, but since you posted or deployed it to a website that has a high ranking with search engine you may get a higher result in search engine result pages. This may, in turn, drive traffic through the parent site, such as “Twitter” or “YouTube”.

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What is JomSocial?

Everyday millions of people go online to participate in social networking. Through various websites and groups, people network to promote their businesses, stay in touch with family and communicate with friends. JomSocial is a social networking tool that gives everyone the opportunity to create their own unique interactive Joomla communities. With Joomla hosting you are on your way to creating a social network of your own.

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SEO Lesson VIII: Content is King

The most important thing when building your website is CONTENT. Many people leave stagnant pages that basically rot the internet. It’s very good to change the content on your site regularly. You should add an article about your company and something it is involved with (possibly charity) and put it under the “news” tab on the website.

The search engines will locate content and with new content continuously being updated, they know your site is “alive”. The most important task of any designer or project manager is to help the client properly align the content of their website with the content of their meta information. I know many people in the Web field believe that meta-tags don’t hold much weight with Google and other search engines. This could be correct, yet we may never know with Google’s algorithm being private. It is, however, my belief that it’s imperative to set up a proper title, description and keywords in your meta-tags and ensure that same content is on the landing page of your website.

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Customer Testimonials

Hear what our customers have to say about us
“Scott was (and still is even after the official "end" of the project) great to work with. As a non-profit, cost was a consideration, and HLS was able to get us what we needed (and wanted) in a website for a cost well below what others quoted us. I can't say enough about our wonderful experience with Scott and High Level Studios! Anyone considering a website design or redesign needs to contact Scott and his team.”
patrickC Patrick C, President of Hispanic Bar Association, Saint Louis
“We were not anywhere close to being on the first or second page of Google now we're number one thanks to High Level Studios LLC. they did a very good job of putting our web page together.”
steveW Steve W
“High Level Studios transformed my business and has brought more people through our door than any other kind of advertising!”
LarryS Larry S
“They are perfectly competent and provide a fine service at a fair price. If you want to pay a lot more at a fancier place for the same end product, go ahead. But you'd be wasting your money.”
natalieS Natalie S
“These guys are the best! They are very professional and get the job done fast. The price is more than fair and the end result is exactly what we wanted.”
vickiN Vicki N
“Simply the best!!!!! I think this lady below must be the competition because their price was far lower than the rest and the work quality was the best that must be why they do all the top St Louis company websites!!”
mike Mike W
“These guys do great work for half the price. They always come through in a crunch. They speak in Language I can understand and are nice!”
LeeD Lee D
“High Level Studios got my website up and running in under a month from initial conversation to completion. The site is clean and clear, and I love it. They even do internet marketing, and I'm already moving up in Google search!”
tomr Tom R
“Its been a great fulfilling business experience. I would recommend these guys for for your Marketing or website design needs.”
keith Keith B

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Our company is built with experience,
friendliness and proficiency.
chris Chris Readenour SEO & Marketing Specialist Chris Readenour is an online marketing whiz. After working for years in video production, he found a passion for SEO and moving companies up in the rankings. Chris has a bachelor's degree in Communications from Lindenwood University, and uses the skills that he has learned at every stop along the way to help your company thrive online.
scott headshot Scott Eagle Owner & Developer With more than 20 years experience, Scott works on multiple computer platforms and operating systems on over fifteen coding languages. He is the owner of High Level Studios LLC., St. Louis’ premier website and web application development company. Scott has won many awards for his website work from Large agencies such as FLEOA, The Homeloan Expert, Dellon Institutes and many more.
sasha macic Sasha Macic Project Manager & Developer Sasha has a high awareness of industry issues and trends, particularly in regard to accessibility, usability, emerging technologies, and open source CMS. An ambitious type who wants to get noticed, and has the drive and massive energy needed to really make a difference to your project.

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1. Develop A Logical Plan We sit down with you to discuss your goals and aspirations for the site. We want to know exactly what you want to use the site for, so we can build you the site of your dreams.
2. Design For Success We then use our years of web design experience to create the newest, most technologically advanced site possible, implementing industry-leading web marketing and design techniques.
3. Perfection We work with you on the final design, giving you step-by-step input on how the site comes together. It’s your site, we want it to be your perfect vision.

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